Save The Forest

Greenpeace is working on many projects at the moment. I am focusing on “Save The Forest’s” part. I seek to visually bring awareness to the forest’s of earth. Im not trying to make everyone focus on all at once, but I would like to start somewhere, and somewhere is here……

Please watch this video to learn why; I and many others seek to preserve our beautiful forest’s.

Also get involved with the forests or another project if you’d like too. Check out they’re website.

Greenpeace / “Save The Forest’s”



Last weekend me and a couple of friends went hiking. The reserve was in Greenwich Connecticut. I went to get pictures and further my research on nature itself. We visited bird blinds, walked across rocks on the river and even filmed the waterfall in slow motion. There were also some fallen trees that we used as bridges. We hiked 5 miles up and 5 miles back. The slow motion video is to large to upload but i am working on that.IMG_3669 IMG_3674 IMG_3675


Just a quick update. To see my main work, which is Greenpeace. To View the page, hover your mouse over the design tab on the home screen and you’ll see the “Greenpeace” tab pop up. Click on that and you will find my working case study.




Recently I’ve been working on some freelance projects along with a short film. Today I am displaying one of my sold logo’s. It’s a simple yet strong design, the positive and negative space balance each other out and bring the logo together as a standing piece of art.

Senin Logo


A friend of mine text-ed me one day asking me to make a logo for his older brother. They already knew what they wanted. The drew out and explained they’re idea in great detail. They wanted the “Tier 1 Healthcare up top and the Management in script following the comma LLC. They asked for the management to be in red. After i put together they’re thoughts i realized that there’s something missing. I added 2 thin,red lines that i have skewed a little. The lines ( I feel) complete the logo. It balances the positive and negative space. Also i didn’t use more than 2 types, Using many different variations of type in a design is a little rule to follow when designing. Long story short, In the end my client was highly satisfied and i am glad to have the opportunity to work with him.