Recently I’ve been working on some freelance projects along with a short film. Today I am displaying one of my sold logo’s. It’s a simple yet strong design, the positive and negative space balance each other out and bring the logo together as a standing piece of art.

Senin Logo


A friend of mine text-ed me one day asking me to make a logo for his older brother. They already knew what they wanted. The drew out and explained they’re idea in great detail. They wanted the “Tier 1 Healthcare up top and the Management in script following the comma LLC. They asked for the management to be in red. After i put together they’re thoughts i realized that there’s something missing. I added 2 thin,red lines that i have skewed a little. The lines ( I feel) complete the logo. It balances the positive and negative space. Also i didn’t use more than 2 types, Using many different variations of type in a design is a little rule to follow when designing. Long story short, In the end my client was highly satisfied and i am glad to have the opportunity to work with him.


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