Case Study

CASE STUDY : ACLU Keep America Safe and Free

BY: Stephen Catalano, Dec. 10, 2014


BRIEF: ACLU has a many goals. One of them is to stop war and create peace. They seek to keep America safe and free. ACLU in the past has achieved and worked on many goals that they have put together. They do more than just War and Peace. War being the biggest thing going on today, I have decided to work on designs to promote they’re goal. Globally war can put any country into debt and has taken a toll on many lives fighting for multiple causes and also taken away lives of the innocent in violent acts of revolting and vengeance. The objective is to raise awareness of the power of war and peace.


RESEARCH: Bing and Google helped a lot in the process because I would have never found ACLU or any concept ideas without it.

PROGRESSION: The cubism piece was inspired by a random artist from google. I used 2 images in my cubism piece, mixing hyper with cubism. The image has many different filters and effects but also clearly gives away a message. The collage was first inspired by a picture i saw of Obama made out of other photos. I made the Beatles out of photos that represent Peace. They’re walking across a cross walk that says Peace in the middle of a desert. That poster then became my motion graphic that has a audio file that also promotes peace to make the message stronger.

CHALLENGES: The cubism piece was by far the most confusing for me. I looked at so many professional cubist pieces and just could not understand or even figure out what I could do. Eventually something appeared to be simple enough for me to understand what I could possibly do to make the piece. I got a high res picture of a woman soldier and took the shape of her lens and places children playing in them so you see what she sees. That leaves an impact right there, then i added many effects and filters to add the “Cubism” feel to it. Theres even a paragraph from a article, i used certain sentences from the article to make the viewer think, but thats only if you see it. The cubism piece was my only challenge, along with time.

OPERATION Iraqi Freedomcollage final_4




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